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Keep what you need and avoid spiralling license costs

It’s all there if you need it, safe, secure and accessible at any time

Once a user is archived automatically through the offboarding process, their data is not only still available if needed, but searchable and restorable.

Complying with GDPR/HIPAA regulations, answering information requests, or dealing with conflicts and disputes means keeping all your data, but storing it and accessing it are two different things.


Need an email from an ex-employee from a certain date and time? No problem. Our search function allows you to find the person, email or drive you need in seconds. All the data archived remains indexed, searchable, and restorable throughout a time period of your choosing.


While archived, it’s out of the way, stored in the cloud and not costing you those pricey license fees. But if the situation calls for it, you can bring it all back. Everything from Calendar appointments to coworker chats.

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