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Administrate from one place

CloudM is a must-have tool for managing Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace. Integrate and automate IT administration to streamline your digital workplace.

Using our powerful integrations, CloudM is a one-stop shop for IT admins. From user permissions and data governance to email signature management and people directories, we make managing single or multiple domains a simple and straightforward project for IT teams.

Integration with your domain

Our technology heavily integrates with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, meaning you don’t have to log into your productivity suite provider to replicate IT administration actions.

Additionally, making changes within Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 will automatically trigger actions within CloudM, such as updating an email signature, creating a new user (and allocating shared resources), and starting an offboarding process.

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Integration with other SaaS applications

The rise in the number of SaaS applications used by businesses has supercharged communication and collaboration. But, it can also present a nightmare for IT teams when it comes to tracking licenses, offboarding employees from multiple products, and making sure that employee data is synced and up to date on all applications simultaneously.

CloudM integrates with your most popular office SaaS applications as part of the onboarding and offboarding process so licence loose ends are tied, costs won’t spiral, and you can create a “Golden Record” for your employee data that automatically syncs through to other applications.

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Integration with Active Directory On-Prem

Whether you are mostly on the Cloud, or still retaining your on premise servers with a small Cloud presence, we can facilitate your digital workplace. Our Active Directory On-Premises Connector allows CloudM to instantly sync any changes made to a user’s profile to Active Directory so it is never out of date again.

Integrations with your own applications

Administrators can use the CloudM Manage People API to integrate CloudM into their own systems, allowing them to take actions within third party applications that will automatically trigger events in CloudM.

Administrators can make changes, such as creating, updating or deleting users, within an application that they use on a daily basis. CloudM will listen for the HTTP requests (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE), using the information communicated to update profile fields and email signatures, create users and trigger offboarding workflows.

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