Ensure the right permissions sit with the right people

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Keep your domain under control by preventing permission creep

Permissions are great. They allow you to empower your users to do little administrative tasks that suit their role, such as Email Signature Management or Onboarding / Offboarding, so you can focus on the big stuff.

But, as users move through different departments or roles within your organization, they can start to accumulate permissions, with most being totally irrelevant to their job but with the potential to cause damage to your domain, either maliciously or accidentally.

This is known as Permission Creep - and here is how CloudM helps you to prevent it.

1. The right tools for the job

CloudM makes sure that your users are equipped with the correct tools for their job in your organization, using roles that can be assigned to groups, so that they can focus on their tasks, without distraction.

2. Permissions in the right place

Assigning permissions to a specific Organizational Unit or Smart Team, allows those permissions to be automatically be removed from a user if they are moved out of the group.

3. Keep your data safe

Whether through malicious or accidental action, one of the main threats to your domain comes from your users. Preventing permission creep allows you to limit the data that users can see and the tasks that they complete, limiting the potential danger to your domain.

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