Dynamic Assignment

Manage smart teams

Ensure every user has the correct email signature assigned automatically

Discover the true power of dynamic groups

When it comes to managing your users and domains within Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, time is a precious commodity, which is why CloudM developed dynamic assignment. We believe in streamlining digital workplaces so your people can get the most out of their time.

Using our dynamic user groups, it’s simple and easy to create custom tags for your users for an endless number of scenarios (be it department, role, language, sub-brand, or more). Your users can be organized into these groups to help streamline your digital workplace.

Across Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace our dynamic assignment tool works to ensure you can assign the right signature for your users with just the press of a button. Set up once and cloudM will automatically keep the groups updated.

Productive people from day one

Joiners and movers will be grouped ready to be dynamically assigned clean and professional email signatures.

CloudM features working together

Smart Teams and working alongside dynamic assignment of email signatures means your signatures can be smarter and more intuitive than ever.

Practical application of dynamic assignment

CloudM allows email signatures to be assigned and delegated within your chosen digital workplace.

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