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Every business is different, every solution unique. Your business needs a bespoke solution using multiple technologies to meet the demands of today’s digital workplace.

Making all these tools work together is the challenge, but we can help. By integrating with HR, Active Directory and Identity Management systems, CloudM helps you keep control of your software tools. We also offer an API which allows admins to integrate with third party SaaS applications, giving organisations custom made solutions best suited to their particular challenges.

How it works


Two-way communication with a variety of apps,
with real-time information and instant delivery.

Used for: HR integrations, using software like Bamboo, to acknowledge and synchronise changes made in both platforms. Whether you update a record in Bamboo or CloudM, it will change in both. No need to double check all of your apps.


Custom-made solutions to interface and
fully control external applications.

Used for: Anything you need. Utilise our flexible API to directly create in, upload to, or download from, the software and apps you know and love. No need to learn a new system.

Telus International
The Hut Group
University of Bristol


Tim Harris, Chief Technical Officer

"Since introducing the product, their organization hasn’t changed massively, but that’s kind of the point. Alleviating pressure in SaaS management has lifted a huge burden so the team can focus on what they do best."

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