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Stay in the loop during your migration, knowing exactly where you are in the process.

Give up-to-date reports to colleagues, clients and stakeholders

Ask anyone who has performed a large data migration what their biggest annoyance is and they won’t talk about corrupt files or budget restrictions, but rather the constant requests for updates.

When will the migration be finished? How far along are we? How much data has transferred? Which data has already gone across…? The questions are endless and come from all directions, from stakeholders to clients to upper management.

The problem is, there’s no way to know the answers, which is why we've added migrate reporting to CloudM. Large data migrations are stressful enough without people constantly asking for updates. Migrate reporting solves that problem.

Migrate reporting takes away the headache of constant updates.

Through an easy to use interface, anyone given access can see exactly where in the process the migration is, including how much data has been transferred, from where, and approximately how long is left.

Your IT team don’t have to worry about spending hours checking in regularly to give updates, because it’s all there for everyone involved with the project to see. No more pulling reports or sending out daily emails, and you certainly don’t have to give access to anyone so they can keep tabs on what’s happening.

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