Faster and smoother migrations with an expert pre-migration assessment

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Experience faster and smoother migrations with an expert pre-migration assessment

It’s much easier to make changes before you start a migration, than during or afterwards. That’s why we offer pre-migration assessments via our platform, which analyse the source platform and mail environment to show you how much data is being migrated. The assessment also checks all of your settings and default values, as well as connections to both platforms to ensure steady transfers. In short, pre-migration assessments increase the likelihood of a smooth, successful project.

Environment Scan

As part of the pre-migration assessment, we will perform an in-depth analysis of your source platform’s file and mail environments to find out exactly how much data you need to migrate.

Visualize item counts, data volume, permissions, and folder depth, which can be exported and analyzed.

  • Estimate the duration of your migration with more accuracy.
  • Ensure that you have sufficient resources to meet the task and to complete in a timely manner.
  • Address any potential issues with your data before starting your project.

Migration Readiness Test

A final check of your configurations and connections, the Migration Readiness Test offers you peace of mind before the daunting task of pressing the start button, giving you the opportunity to resolve any issues before the migration begins.

  • Check and confirm any changes made to general and advanced migration settings (differing from the default values).
  • Scan your Source and Destination platforms to ensure the connections work properly.
  • Flag up any additional limitations.

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