The Company

Founded in 1996, E-max is a no-nonsense player in the aluminum processing industry offering the best quality aluminum at competitive prices. E-max’s story is one of entrepreneurship: born from creating and realizing opportunities, establishing themselves as a key and reliable player in their field.They have built a strong and reputable brand over time, and have grown into a reliable partner in the development of sustainable aluminum solutions. With their innovative and forward-thinking ethos, we are delighted to be able to support them in managing their own Digital Workplace.

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The Problem

As the company has expanded over time, E-Max now uses CloudM to manage over 400 user profiles within the business, a huge expansion from the original three members who founded the company back at the very beginning. A team of five IT experts now manages the whole IT infrastructure to help streamline processes for the organization – however, there was one common problem that seemed impossible to control; everyone’s Email Signatures looked different.

Speaking with Mario Nadorzza, IT Infrastructure Manager, he described the problem:“Everybody had a different email signature, I really wanted a central management platform for everyone’s email signatures, to make sure everybody had the same layout.” Mario was also worrying about brand perception and wanted to control what messages and information their staff were distributing. They needed a way to easily manage this across the whole organization and this is when they discovered CloudM.


The Solution

E-Max were working closely with one of their suppliers when they noticed the consistency and professionalism of their email signatures.“We were explaining the problem to our supplier, and they told us about CloudM, a clever tool they used to manage their email signatures, and I instantly wanted the same! We had a demo and it was a no-brainer after that. It was exactly what we needed.”E-Max approached CloudM a year ago and quickly implemented the platform to control their company signatures, all working in Google Workspace, and they haven’t looked back since.

Email Signature Management

The Results

E-Max now successfully manages all of their company email signatures within Google Workspace, and the disparity in layout and messaging has finally been streamlined. When new staff start the business, their signatures are automatically assigned to them with their job title and relevant company information.

Email Signatures are also great marketing tools (You can read more about this in our Email Signature Management Playbook) and you can see here how E-Max also displays promotional banners to advertise to potential and existing partners, with clever call to actions and clean, professional branding.

E-Max’s Company Signature

(Please note we have hidden confidential information)


EMAX Email Sig


When we asked Mario what he liked about the platform, and would he continue using it?

His response: “Gosh, I like everything about CloudM Manage. Why change a winning horse?”Through simple but clever automation and administration, CloudM can cure many headaches for IT teams.

E-Max will also be able to utilise many of the other functions CloudM offers such as automated Onboarding and Offboarding and Smart Teams which are all available within the platform.

Find out more about CloudM Manage and Email Signature Management.

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