Introducing Domain Alias Signatures

Back in the very early days of CloudM, we had a problem!

Even though we were talking to customers and selling as CloudM, our emails (and their signatures) would often come from our parent company, causing unnecessary confusion.

“Who are you?”, we would hear. “I’ve been talking to CloudM”. And, where there is confusion, there’s doubt. “Who am I really dealing with here?” Even if it was never brought up as a reason, we knew it was costing us – both business and reputation.

Well, the easiest way to get around this was to use a domain alias address, allowing our employees to effortlessly switch between their parent company and CloudM email addresses depending on who they were talking to, with all responses sent to the same inbox. Even today, we have centralized staff that need to represent both sides of the company.

With so many companies now having multiple brands and domains under their umbrella, using an alias is getting even more common. Did you know that, in 2020, Unilever NV had 1,181 individual domain names including Ben & Jerry’s and Dove?

But, this brings up another problem – How do you make the email signature represent the brand you are sending the email from?

Introducing Domain Alias Signatures – a new feature for Gmail within our CloudM Email Signature Management module that allows you to set bespoke email signatures that will be displayed depending on which email address the user decides to send the email from.

It could be as simple as the primary email address displaying your company logo, and the domain alias email address displaying the logo of a specific brand.

Or, completely bespoke with different brand colors, fonts, contact details, and social media links, to name a few. And the best thing is that most of this information is added as a variable so that, as soon as a field such as job title is changed in CloudM, it is automatically changed on the email signature, quickly and easily keeping it up to date.

Domain Alias Signatures is just one of many new and exciting feature changes that we have added to our redesigned Email Signature Management module in the last 6 months, joining our brand new Template Gallery and the ability to schedule signatures for the primary domain, with many more updates in the pipeline.

If you would like to find out more about our Email Signature Management module, please read more below, or book a 15 minute discovery call to speak to one of our brilliant team.

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