If you’ve found this blog, you may be considering a migration to Microsoft 365. You’ve decided to say goodbye to Gmail, Google Docs, and the rest that Google Workspace has to offer and say hello to Microsoft Office. We’ve written this blog to help you complete your migration project quickly and securely.

There are many things to consider if you’re migrating across the cloud. You’ve weighed the options and are ready to migrate to Microsoft 365. Here’s what you need to know to make it happen from us, the migration experts.

Migration myths that could cause data loss and spiraling costs

When thinking about the first steps, we often see businesses underestimate the project and turn to their in-house IT teams to perform complex migrations in a DIY fashion as a means of saving money. In reality, DIY migrations across the cloud can result in large amounts of data loss and spiraling costs. It can also end up resulting in enormous resources being taken up to respond to damage control. While attempting an ambitious, in-house migration may seem like a sensible proposition, data migration is a specialist subject that requires an expert’s experience and knowledge to be performed correctly, without data loss. You will save money and time by approaching the experts.

Trusting experts can save you money

If an in-house migration to Microsoft 365 isn’t on your docket, you must turn to the experts. The consequences of a problematic migration could be devastating to your business. CloudM believes difficult migrations shouldn’t be a burden to our customers. We pride ourselves on getting the job done and keeping costs in check.

How we can help

Whether it’s Outlook, Teams, or the other powerful collaborative tools that Microsoft Office 365 has to offer, you should be able to migrate to your new productivity suite quickly and cost-effectively.

Dependent on your requirements, we offer a range of different options. For large, complex migration projects, we recommend a self-hosted solution (whereby you will download the CloudM software and use the desktop or browser-based interface to complete your migration). For less ambitious migrations, the ideal solution is a hosted migration, whereby you implement a SaaS version of CloudM (there is no set-up required and it needs less technical knowledge to run). Finally, we offer a serviced migration solution. This is suitable for migrations of all natures and puts any given migration project into the hands of our experts to perform.

CloudM prides itself on its hardworking team of experts. We’re going to let the numbers do the talking. Over the years, we’ve handled over 65 million migrations for over 40,000 customers. Our knowledge and trusted cloud management platform makes CloudM the perfect solution to ensure you don’t incur data losses and spiraling costs.

What our customers have to say

“CloudM has allowed us to complete a rather complex migration ahead of schedule, and even earned the praise of users in the acquired company. Highly recommended by us, and will definitely use again.” Synnex.

“Without this project and CloudM’s solution, we would have to license 120,000 users across two platforms and run litigation searches across both. This project is not only saving us millions, but making people’s jobs easier.
Anonymous Case Study for a Large Automotive Customer.

“The team at CloudM are communicative and supportive. The regular product demonstrations help us to stay up to date with new features and exciting updates to the platform. We feel listened to and valued as customers, and our feedback has gone on to help develop the software.” Dan Morley, Head of I.T Infrastructure and Service Delivery.

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