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Poppulo are a leading enterprise, employee communications platform who help businesses engage with their employees and embrace change within their organisation. They share a passion for digital workplace allowing their customers to engage with their employees anywhere, as well as measure and optimize communications in an agile way.

Poppulo were established in 2012 and the company has already trebled in size, they have recently opened dedicated offices in the USA and grew an extensive customer portfolio with some of the world’s leading brands inducing Nestle, Experian, LinkedIn and Rolls-Royce.

With the new ‘work from anywhere’ ethos embraced by so many organisations across the globe, they help organizations reach their employees anywhere and anytime to keep them informed, aligned and engaged, future-proofing employee communications for years to come.

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Moving from BetterCloud to CloudM

With the impressive and rapid growth of the company in the last 3 years they have seen their employee headcount grow from 100 to over 300 which highlighted the need for an agile IT infrastructure where they can securely manage their data and control onboarding and offboarding for new joiners, movers and leavers.
We spoke with Kieran O Callaghan, IT Administrator at Poppulo to find out about their journey moving from Better Cloud to CloudM and what have been the key benefits it’s brought to the company and his role.

“We were originally using BetterCloud to manage our users, but we weren’t fully happy with their service. We had some trouble with their customer support as they were slow at getting back to us and resolving issues which could be frustrating when we needed to finish specific projects. When our contract was over, we looked around for different options and that is when we discovered CloudM. We had a demo of Manage and we were really impressed – we really liked the interface as it looked very straightforward and easy to use.”

Poppulo weren’t necessarily set on leaving BetterCloud, but were keen to see what else was on the market. “We were very open minded when we were looking into other platforms. We had our issues with the support we received from Better Cloud so once we started exploring other options we saw that CloudM had other functions that we could utilize too. Once we got the initial demo from CloudM it made us realise we could probably be doing a lot more than we were currently doing.” Kieran had specific questions around how how onboarding and offboarding functions worked, but was also intrigued by our Email Signature Management tool, their process before CloudM “was very manual so that feature stood out; being able to easily change and manage these across groups was really impressive.”

Offboarding Status

Using Manage day to day

The main features Poppulo now use to manage their users is the onboarding and offboarding workflows as well as Email signature management as expected from their initial demo. Now that Poppulo were able to see a more “impressive user friendly interface” they were also able to improve more of their internal functions than they first thought possible and with the rapid expansion of employees within the company, Kieran identified that; “It’s been a busy time for people joining and leaving, so we have relied on CloudM heavily to make these processes run as smoothly as possible.”

Alongside now being able to automate, and schedule onboarding and offboarding their users he detailed how “CloudM has made life a lot easier” comparing how “processes with BetterCloud were much more manual and time consuming, whereas with CloudM it’s a lot easier to use, for example, the offboarding process for a user is as simple as scheduling the date you want this to start and then you know that process is taken care of.” He went on to add that; “Given our growth there has been a higher turnover of staff – joiners, leavers and people changing roles within the company.

When we were using BetterCloud we still had spreadsheets of people’s access rights and stuff like that, so it was still a very manual process but now it’s a lot easier to manage this data, being with CloudM has moved us to a more digital workplace.” Another key feature that they had not used before moving over to Manage was Email signature management, and he detailed how this has totally transformed internal processes and opportunities for other departments who can leverage this tool. “Managing signatures has been a big thing for us, our marketing and sales teams have utilized it and can easily update with relevant marketing and sales messaging. This in the past was a manual process for us where we’d often have to push back due to time constraints, but now we’re quite open to helping as it’s a simple process, something we could change every day if we wanted to!”

Email Sig Management

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The result

Poppulo originally raised concerns over the lack of support they received from their last provider so it is key our CloudM support is always available to ensure that should Kieran and his team have any queries we are there every step of the way; this is the same dedicated service we provide to all of our customers.

Kieran continues to be “impressed with the level of service” we provide for him and added that we are always “very fast getting back with any queries” He added that “The support has been excellent, we deal with our customer success manager directly, and we have regular monthly meetings including training sessions to make sure we are up to speed with the product, especially highlighting if any new features or updates are made.”

“If I send any emails the team is always quick to respond, and if they can’t help they will escalate it straight away to get us an answer. The support is excellent, I really couldn’t fault it. “

The future

With such positive feedback, we are really excited to continue working with such an innovative, forward thinking organization.

Kieran added that Poppulo are “very happy with CloudM and will continue to use it, it’s become a key part of everything we do. What we love is being involved in the Roadmap, so we can actually vote for features we want which is fantastic, as a customer you feel valued and that you are really being listened to and your ideas are being taken on board.“

“There’s also other features within the product, such as the security section that we want to explore further which we already know will be beneficial for us. There is huge potential within the platform that we are not yet taking advantage of, so that is something we are excited to explore. We are just so impressed with the product.”

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