Allow and restrict access to CloudM features for individual users and groups

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Empower the right people and secure your data

Ensure consistency and compliance with role-based access

CloudM uses the power of role based access to delegate responsibilities and access without permission creep. Admins can manage which features of the platform individuals or teams can use. Users are empowered with all of the required permissions to do their job quickly and easily, whilst limiting access to other features, securing your domain.


Roles allow you to group a set of permissions together that will provide users with all the tools they need, without anything more. This means that all of your staff can complete their to-do lists without delay.

Role Templates

Role Templates make it easy to get started on building permissions groups. When creating a new role (or editing an existing role), use these templates to add all the basic permissions that you might need for a certain role (e.g. Email Signature Manager or First Line Support), and still assign or remove additional permissions, as required.

Domain Management Access

Allow administrators to access multiple domains across your entire organization, empowering IT and HR facilities to promote consistency without compromising on security.

An external user or group can be assigned custom roles on your domain so they can access and manage specific aspects such as email signatures or security policy.

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