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Save time on Office 365 and G Suite admin tasks with CloudM’s Smart Teams for dynamic user groups.

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Smarter user, data and domain management

Managing users, data and domains for your Office 365 or G Suite domain can be time consuming and complex. CloudM Smart Teams makes administration tasks easy, giving your users a better experience and saving your IT admins time.

Create custom structures for your Office 365 or G Suite users. Group people by department, team or even project and apply dynamic automation from a centralized platform for simple administration.

You can use Smart Teams to update everything from email signatures, folder and file permissions and calendar sharing to Microsoft Teams and Google Groups access, ensuring that your users always have access to the data they need while reducing access creep.

Productive people from day one

Onboard your new starters faster and smarter - giving them access to all the files, folders and systems they need to hit the ground running.

Banish IT bottlenecks

Democratize the administration of your Office 365 and G Suite users and data, allowing IT departments to become enablers, not gatekeepers.

Streamline data security

Simplify governance and compliance by managing all of your Office 365 or G Suite users and data from one place - for more streamlined monitoring and auditing.

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