What will 2022 look like for your digital workplace?

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Our digital workplace predictions for the next 12 months

In January, CloudM hit the ground running.

It was a month of building, shaping a firm foundation for the rest of the year to come, and after taking time to acclimatize to 2022, we started to think about all the things that lay ahead.

When we think back to everything that happened in the industry last year, it’s hard to say what’s going to happen in the following 12 months, but it’s always fun to give it a go anyway!

Here’s our top 5 predictions on where things might be heading for the digital workplace in the coming year.

Employees will thrive under hybrid working

One thing we learned from the pandemic is that every employee is different. Some people work better from an office while some people work better from home. Some people work well with a strict schedule and some thrive with flexible working.

In 2022, we think the world will finally accept that the solution isn’t one or the other, but both together.

One size does not fit all in today’s post-pandemic world, and hybrid working offers a flexible solution, allowing employees to feel collaborative, creative, and proactive in their work.

New tools to facilitate digital, collaborative working will be developed

To many businesses, hybrid working is still brand new. While digital workplaces have improved many things, the world of work is constantly evolving, and developers and technologists are always finding room for innovation.

We predict that the technology we already have will become more efficient, with new tools being developed to help further facilitate digital collaboration between users.

Virtual meeting spaces, productivity suite applications or presentation tools, will all make it easier for hybrid workers to thrive no matter where they are.

Hybrid working and digital workplaces will become embedded into our working culture

Although there are elements of the old normal coming back to life, in 2022, we don’t expect working culture to go back to exactly the way we remember it.

There are qualities of the new normal that are now just…well, normal!

What we’ve learned about the old normal is that it wasn’t prepared for major and exceptional work disruptions, such as the pandemic. Hybrid working and digital workplaces, if not for the benefit of your staff and business model, future-proof your business.

Companies will see an increase in diversity and inclusion across tech and digital workplaces

As hybrid working becomes integrated into the bedrock of normal working life, we predict more diversity and inclusion across tech and digital workplaces due to an increase in accessibility.

With the ability to reach unique talent (for example, those who may be limited by personal, regional or physical/mental health circumstances), businesses can embrace the right talent pools for them, paving the way for inclusion.

We predict that remote, flexible and hybrid working, and corporate empathy will cement themselves into the new normal.

Recruitment demands will have more emphasis on tech skills and less on qualifications

With the Great Resignation at its peak, there is an enormous demand for skills to help keep the workforce moving.

We can see that there may be a change of approach when it comes to recruitment, with the focus on skills rather than qualifications.

Since the pandemic, there has been a mass of affordable online learning content which has substituted degrees with practical learning and skills development. With education now accessible, we predict a large influx of new talent into the workplace.

Future proofing with CloudM

We think 2022 will be a year of positive change where we can embrace talent, technology and growth. We here at CloudM can’t wait to see what comes next, but after a month of settling in, one thing we know for certain is that 2022 is a year of great potential.

For us, we’re continuing to grow at an impressive rate. Last year we won the “Cloud Management Solution of the Year” award and recently, we hit 1 million users of our SaaS platform.

The future is bright for both us and our clients.

If you would like to be a part of that journey, then please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

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