A group of British high street retail brands with over 330 stores that generate over £360m revenue per year, saves months’ worth of time after choosing CloudM to automate their employee offboarding process. The group comprises four brands and employs over 4,000 staff. With lots of joiners, movers and leavers, ensuring their offboarding processes run smoothly is paramount. 

The challenge: decentralized offboarding processes cause delays, errors and additional costs

After the first two successful years after the group was formed, it quickly became apparent that offboarding employees with Google Workspace licenses was a growing issue: not only did each brand have their own offboarding processes, but many tasks were being completed manually, leading to delays and errors. Google licenses also remained assigned to inactive users, increasing license costs.

The group needed a quick, uniform method for offboarding users that could be implemented across all four brands while being managed centrally.

The process: replacing manual tasks with sleek automation 

The group chose CloudM Automate’s offboarding capabilities to resolve the issues that they were experiencing.

CloudM began working with the customer to build out offboarding workflows for each brand. The resulting standardized set of steps included restriction of account access and removal of unrequired Google licenses, as well as brand specific steps and setting customization.

Once the workflows were in place, offboarding a single employee was condensed from several manual tasks to simply clicking one button, triggering each step automatically and in order.

“We have that level of trust in CloudM Automate where we know it’s doing the job in the background. We don’t have to delve into the application every day to check for errors or change things. In the rare event that there is an issue or we have feedback, CloudM are quick to respond and resolve.”

- Group Head of Service Delivery

The result: saving time and money with fully automated workflows

Automating the offboarding processes has allowed their team to invest more time into improving other business critical operations while relying on CloudM Automate to ensure the offboarding tasks are completed speedily and securely: over the 5 years that the group and CloudM have been working together, our offboarding workflows have saved them an estimated 218 working days – that’s 44 days every year.

The group has also been able to take full control of their Google licenses so that none are being wasted on inactive accounts. This has helped them to drastically reduce their license costs and ensures they have a pool of licenses ready to be used.

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