Academy Award Winners, Mirriad, utilize Email Signature Management

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Customer Story


The Company

Launched in 2008, Mirriad has a mission to revolutionize advertising. They do so with their patented computer vision technology, which won an Academy Award in 2013. Mirriad has offices around the world, from LA to Mumbai, and consistently works with top broadcasters, content owners and distributors to create seamless and authentic ads.

We know that one of the favorite tools within CloudM is email signature management for Google Workspace and Gmail. Still, CloudM thrives through customer feedback, so we jumped on a Hangout with Tim Harris – CTO at Mirriad – to tell us all about his organization’s experience using the feature. After being deployed across their business, CloudM has led to enhanced communications for Mirriad through Google Workspace / Gmail signature management, whilst the automated SaaS has offered increasingly efficient processes.


The Project

Mirriad were early adopters of Google Workspace, having joined the platform several years ago. This history with Google Workspace fed into their already collaborative working environment, with distributed teams across most regions in the world. As Tim saw it, staff communication was already great, but it was behind-the-scenes mechanics that needed work, such as a desire to offload email server management. This is why Mirriad adopted CloudM; a product that removes this pressure and makes processes more automated.

At the core of Mirriad’s CloudM use is Google Workspace / Gmail email signature management. They wanted to achieve a polished image that fit the slick production of their adverts. This meant presenting a consistent and professional email signature across the organization, especially throughout communication with clients. It was a tall order for sure, but one they have come to realize through the use of CloudM.


The Process

Ultimately the product was brought to all users within the organization, which brought in training for deployment with CloudM’s sister company, Cloud Technology Solutions (CTS); then rolled out to the business. Since introducing the product, their organization hasn’t changed massively, but that’s kind of the point. Email signature changes run seamlessly in the background and can be made without involving every member of staff in the process. Indeed, Tim has noted that by alleviating pressure in SaaS management, a huge burden has been lifted. It’s all about making management easier, so the team can focus on what they do best.


The Result

Having got everything in working order, it was a collaborative relationship with Tim feeling greatly satisfied with the end result. Together they worked on simplifying the configuration and ensuring that the right data was attached to the right user, but this was all part of the deployment process.

In the future Mirriad will continue to gain new partners and widen their reach across more content and distribution platforms, spreading the word and building a market for Native In-Video Advertising (NIVA). Through the use of CloudM for Google Workspace email signature management and automation, they can focus on the task ahead.

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