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Agosto and CloudM's partnership goes from strength to strength after nearly a decade helping organizations innovate their workforce through the digital workplace

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The Company

Agosto, a Pythian Company, is a Tier 1 Google Premier Partner and has partnered with us for nearly a decade. They are experienced cloud architects and G Suite experts who help companies ‘go Google’. With a passion to ‘work smarter’, they are pioneers when it comes to implementing new technologies to allow organizations to innovate their workforce through G Suite migrations, moving to the cloud, and developing custom applications. Agosto is now wholly owned by Pythian Services Inc since its acquisition in April 2020. Pythian, founded in 1997, has clients spanning industries from retail, media and gaming, to financial services, e-commerce and others and is focused on transforming business outcomes through data, cloud, and analytics.

The Partnership

We have built a close partnership with Agosto over the years providing them with CloudM licenses so that they can complete reliable, seamless migrations, drive process automation and improve domain administration for their customers.

We have worked closely with PJ Voysey, Head of Collobration Practice at Agosto and have together built the strong foundations of our partnership, which is what has made it such a success:

“We always use the CloudM platform, including migrations for large corporate enterprises including a recent migration for a well renowned, global technology company with over 3,000 staff. CloudM has always been the tool of choice for us. When Pythian acquired Agosto, we used CloudM to migrate our own data over to the Pythian domain. We needed a platform we knew would work and that we could trust.”

PJ Voysey, Head of Collaboration Practice

This year alone, Agosto has completed over 10,000 user migrations, an exceptional amount of migrations that has helped digitise organisations, and futureproof businesses across the globe.

The Process

Our dedicated account managers, customer success team and ongoing support service is in place in order to help build trusted and lasting relationships with our clients. By working in close partnership with Agosto, it has meant we have been able to understand their business needs and goals, and build a bespoke package that will allow them to deliver these.

Agosto needed a tool they could use for custom migrations, on a large scale, a reliable platform they could embed within their internal infrastructure and product offering for their customers.

“We have built a strong relationship with the team at CloudM. CloudM is the primary migration tool we use, and we utilise our partnership with them and the support they offer, including their hands-on engineers who provide constant support and feedback on the platform. We have regular check-ins and communication, and they are highly responsive should we have any questions or need any advice on the platform.”

“To make sure we are always up to date with the market, we have looked at alternatives, but we have found they don’t offer as much as CloudM."
PJ Voysey, Head of Collaboration Practice

The Result

Our successful partnership with Agosto has been built by working closely together to make sure our platform offers everything they need to best serve their customers.

“We just could not do customer migrations without CloudM. It’s a key part of virtually every migration we perform, we have evaluated others and they don’t come close, and for this reason we will continue to partner with CloudM.”

“We have a long history of performing migrations for customers, and we are very selective about who we work with. We enjoy working with CloudM because it provides us with exceptional service for our customers.”

PJ Voysey, Head of Collaboration Practice

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