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How to manage 1,000 global email signatures with Microsoft 365 and CloudM

There’s a good chance that, if you have children, they’ve been captivated by something that came from this animation studio. As one of the world’s leading animation studios, their portfolio includes work commissioned by Netflix, Disney, Nickelodeon and Amazon Prime; netting them 18 Emmy® Awards and multiple Oscar nominations.

With almost 1,000 employees spread across 3 continents, how do they maintain professionalism and brand consistency in an ever-changing global company?

Approaching CloudM in 2017, the Dublin studio was looking for a solution to the email signature challenges posed by such a large, disparate workforce. At a time when the company was going through huge growth, along with migrating from Google to Microsoft, they looked to CloudM for a little help:

“On top of everything else, we didn’t want our employees to have to manage their email signatures. If they set it up on Outlook, it might not work properly on Webmail, or on their iPhone. We’d also be at the mercy of them editing their own signatures, which isn’t great for the brand.”

David Murtagh, Head of IT helped to set up the CloudM Manage integration with Microsoft 365:

“It was a tough time. We were running Gmail and Outlook, and had to run email signature management on both products side-by-side. We also had multiple companies, across the world, and multiple signatures.

But CloudM offered a solution that automatically manages signatures for hundreds of people all over the world. They don’t need to worry about it, and neither do we. It also adds new starters and removes leavers. It’s a ‘set up and forget about it’ kind of thing, so we save a lot of time. I’m not sure what we’d do without it.”

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All of the animation studio and their partners' employees work on and collaborate across Microsoft 365, and they use CloudM Manage to unify signatures across the board. With a global standard template, there is brand consistency even between the different companies in the group, which makes them immediately identifiable as part of a collective.

“It hasn’t been without its teething problems. Like at the beginning, where the old way showed every signature in an email chain. We worked with CloudM developers to add custom rules, where a long conversation thread would discount previous signatures if they’ve already appeared earlier on. It keeps it a lot cleaner and easier to read, which senior management were very pleased with.

”The product does exactly what we need. I’d recommend it to organizations facing similar challenges to ours.”

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