Central Flying Service’s sole use of email signature management

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The Company

Some customers only use CloudM for specific purposes; one piece of the vast spectrum of CloudM's features. And we’re happy to oblige! We sat down with Brian Rodgers, MIS Supervisor at Central Flying Service, to discuss Central’s singular use of the product; specifically signature management.

Founded in 1939, Central is Arkansas' oldest general aviation firm. Today, through uncompromising dedication to excellence in everything they do, Central Flying Service is the premier general aviation firm in the south.

They’ve been using Google Workspace for over 5 years now, and Brian noticed his employees starting to use more of the collaborative work features of Google Workspace. Despite still mostly collaborating in aviation specific proprietary programs, which they’ve used for many years, things are definitely moving towards more remote usage situations. He also commented that the remote capabilities of Google Workspace have been great – especially the easy and quick access to all email and Google Drive storage at all times.


​The Project

Only after moving to Google Workspace did Brian realize inconsistencies in staff signatures – something managed previously through Exchange.

“All of our users had completely different signatures and some of them had no signature at all. I wanted to find a solution that would allow me to choose a standard signature and assign it automatically to our Google accounts. CloudM has worked perfectly for us in this manner.”

Brian Rodgers


The Process

Central have about 80 users and Brian described deployment as quick and easy. Brian went into CloudM and created individual departments within the company and set it up to mimic their Active Directory structure. Then, created a signature that was appropriate for each department and had it auto-fill in their phone number, email and title. So, once a new user had been created and put it in the appropriate smart groups, all of the users had their correct signature.


The Result

Brian expressed that he feels the company now has a more professional image. Due to the nature of Central, there may have 3 or 4 different employees dealing with the same customer, and in the past they would all have totally different signatures, or some would have none at all. Now everything looks like it came from the same company and all of the needed contact info and links to our social media are there.

“I think it integrates very nicely with Google Workspace. Although I don’t use a lot of the features that CloudM provides, I have watched the videos and read the tutorials on the website and I can see the benefits well beyond signature management.”

- Brian Rodgers

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