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"I am always impressed with CloudM’s proactive approach to problem-solving and its customer-centric approach."

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Live Chat and Customer Support Success Stories

There’s nothing worse than a cutting-edge product with a lackluster customer experience. Here at CloudM, we have an incredible team of product support agents, customer success managers, and migration engineers who are always on hand to solve problems and listen to feedback. Here are just a handful of times we’ve been able to help our customers and leave them feeling positive and optimistic about their projects.

Devoteam G Cloud

At CloudM, we’re highly committed to customer satisfaction. Recently, Senior IT Consultant Vivien Voillot, from longstanding CloudM partner Devoteam, got in touch over live chat, looking for support with a domain-related issue they couldn’t resolve in-house. A member of the team was on hand, ready to assist, and worked quickly to help fix the issue. Vivien said:

"Recently, I had a domain issue and reached out to CloudM for help. I could instantly speak with a member of the team using the live chat feature, and as a result, the case was resolved in less than 15 minutes thanks to the dedication and professionalism of the CloudM team.

I want to personally express my satisfaction, as I am always impressed with CloudM’s proactive attitude to problem-solving and its customer-centric approach. Devoteam has been a loyal customer for ten years, and the quality of the support we receive is always second-to-none! We would not hesitate to recommend CloudM."

Vivien Voillot, Senior Collaborative Solutions Consultant, Devoteam G Cloud


Noberasco came to CloudM looking for a solution to transform their digital workplace. With over 30 years of employee data saved in different places across their workplace, ‘dated’ IT processes, and out-of-control email signatures, we took on the ambitious job of helping them to streamline their IT processes. Not only were we able to solve their problems, but we were able to offer top-of-the-line customer support to make sure they felt valued and listened to throughout the process. Noberasco said:

Noberasco Customer Tile Cloud M

"The customer success team has worked with us to not only better understand the CloudM product, but also how we can better utilize Google Workspace.

The ongoing support is great. If we've had any issues with the product the support team has replied almost immediately, it’s a first-class experience and I believe the best platform for managing your user data."

HEC Paris

HEC Paris needed to move from a hybrid digital workspace (comprising of both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365) to a single collaborative suite. CloudM was able to help move over 1500 users and 10TB of data to Microsoft 365. We were delighted to ensure they were well looked after during the process and happy to hear they had a positive experience with our support team. HEC Paris said:

HEC Paris001

HEC Paris

"Overall, the migration and working with CloudM has been an extremely positive experience. Throughout the migration process, the CloudM team kept HEC Paris up-to-date.

The team have been supportive throughout the entire project - they’re always there to listen to their customers and always very responsive whenever there is a request."

University of North Carolina

When North Carolina University needed a migration, CloudM was ready to take their project. They needed support and services for an ambitious migration that involved moving over 460,130,000 items, 8000 users, and all with a 99.9% success rate. Not only that, but our support team was on hand for them whenever needed to ensure we could assist with their project and keep their minds at ease. Walker Todd of the University of North Carolina said:

University of North Carolina Customer Story Cloud M

"Support has been exceptional. Due to the complexity of our environment, we are more hands-on than a typical serviced migration and we primarily utilize the support resources as a go-between for us and product development.

Any issues or product enhancements we require, the development team at CloudM has been very quick to turn around a new build of the product."

Walker Todd, Security Engineer, University of North Carolina

Washington College

With our vast experience of migrations, we know people can be let down by other migration tools. Migrations are urgent projects with a lot on the line. We’re always happy to take on a migration-gone-wrong to ensure you have the urgent support you need to complete your migration project. We were delighted to help Washington College with its project and made sure they received the on-hand support they deserved. Washington College said:

Washington College

"We were in an extremely tight spot, with little hope, after an earlier failed migration attempt and CloudM was the perfect solution. The pricing was absolutely perfect and the responsiveness from CloudM was the best I have ever seen. They were eager to help and assist in any way they could. I would highly recommend this company."

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