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CloudM partnership with iSolutions strengthens as they consider introducing CloudM Manage into their msp offering

The Company

iSolutions have been a trusted partner of CloudM since 2016 and are pioneers in the information technology sector across the MENA region, specialising in high end, innovative technology solutions for their customers. With a multilingual workforce and clients across the globe, they offer smart business solutions for a wide range of customers on an international level. They are a full Managed Service Provider (MSP), offering services from general IT administration through to full service cloud solutions, particularly using the CloudM tool to perform client migrations to G Suite. Throughout our partnership with iSolutions, they have completed over 20,000 migrations using our CloudM platform, with some of their largest projects requiring over 4000 migration licences.

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The Project

iSolutions have a dedicated technical support team of 20 people who implement their IT services globally, so they need a dedicated migration tool they can integrate across the workforce when performing migrations to G Suite from office 365 and other legacy on-site source platforms. This means they typically purchase both self-hosted and hosted CloudM Migrate licences in bulk which enables them to seamlessly offer migration services to a wide range of clients, as part of an overall IT solutions package.

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The Process

iSolutions choose CloudM Migrate for all of their migrations because it’s the “most convenient migration tool on the market”. As well as being efficient and easy to use for their technical team, it also provides the customer with transparency throughout the project as “CloudM Migrate offers an abundance of information about the migration, and provides detailed logs about the exact items that are being migrated”. Having the opportunity to deliver their clients accurate data updates in turn means they are providing the best customer service possible to their client base. Furthermore because iSolutions have a large and experienced technical support team, who have extensive knowledge of how the CloudM tool works, they’re able to offer an extremely efficient and reliable service to their customers, however “should anyone within their team have any questions on the functionality of the platform then CloudM’s dedicated support team are always on hand to answer any questions”
Tamnay Nandy, Senior Sales Manager


The Result

iSolutions automatically embed our migration tool into their service offering for their clients, and as a result will continue to purchase migration licenses in bulk. CloudM remains an integral part of their MSP offering and iSolutions are considering extending their partnership by including CloudM Manage into their msp package, in order to provide customers a more dedicated ongoing service. After working in partnership with iSolutions for a number of years we will continue to work closely with them to make sure our platform and services can support their global client base, and help more businesses successfully transition the cloud.

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“CloudM Migrate offers an abundance of information of the migration process, providing detailed logs about the exact items that are being migrated which is really useful when providing customer insight.”
Tamnay Nandy, Senior Sales Manager

“Our technical team use the platform regularly and are very familiar with its functionality, however should anyone need help using the platform, CloudM’s dedicated support team are always on hand to answer any questions.”
Tamnay Nandy, Senior Sales Manager

“We see CloudM as a valued partner when it comes to providing migration solutions for our customers.”
Tamnay Nandy, Senior Sales Manager

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