CloudM help JLee Technology with Complex Migration

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CloudM help IT consultantancy with complex migration to Microsoft 365

The Organization

Cloud Technology Consultancy JLee Technology, partners with business leaders and IT decision-makers to help customers perform complex user data migrations to Microsoft 365. JLee Technology aids small to medium-sized business leaders with Microsoft 365 migrations, file structure, asset planning, and technology strategy.

The Project

JLee Technology came to the CloudM team when a customer wanted to perform a complex migration from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365. The customer needed to migrate to Microsoft 365 for resource consolidation, unified management, and to benefit from the features of Microsoft 365.

The Process

After discovering CloudM’s migration capabilities on Google, JLee had a demonstration of the product, which gave them a chance to ask questions about the platform to completely understand its powerful features. JLee compared other products on the market but stated that they found “CloudM's product demo to be notably better than other platforms". As JLee was getting familiar with the platform, CloudM offered email and telephone support provided by CloudM Senior Technology Strategist Lloyd, to aid John in becoming more familiar and proficient with the CloudM Platform.

The Result

The migration was a success and ran smoothly with ease of configuration, management, and detail of reporting. There were no difficulties, just efficiency questions that CloudM was able to offer support with. Regarding the support JLee received, they said it was " Incredible. Seriously, it was amazing" and would recommend the platform to others.


"The process was fantastic. CloudM's reporting is robust and fully featured. I feel confident that when using CloudM I will have successful projects."

John Lee - IT Consultant, JLee Technology

"It was truly a pleasure working with the team and I am extremely grateful to have found CloudM. The solution and team empowered me to really come through on my high-value deliverables."

John Lee - IT Consultant, JLee Technology

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