How long would your organization survive after a significant data loss event?

While it’s true that Google is continually upping their security game, striving to ensure your data is as secure as possible, they are fighting against a myriad of old and new evolving threats to your data.

Firstly and simply, we have the insider threat of manual, human deletion of data, either maliciously by an aggrieved employee or accidentally through error. Using preventative measures like role based access and offboarding policies, for example, can limit the threat of data loss, but cannot eliminate it completely. 

Then, there’s external threats to your data from cyber attacks such as malware, phishing and ransomware. For every major security enhancement added to your productivity suite, there are numerous malicious actors looking for weaknesses to exploit. Your data is valuable – and not only to you!

Finally, do you know how you would restore your data in the event of a disaster? Who would do it? How would they do it? How long would it take?

As part of their disaster recovery plan, including a partial or full loss of business data, more organizations are looking to the cloud for a solution. Backing their data to cloud storage to be exact, so their data can easily and quickly be restored, ensuring almost seamless business continuity.

CloudM is excited to introduce our brand new module, comprehensive backup and recovery for Google Workspace, using the perfect blend of the automation and migration technologies that we are known and trusted for.

CloudM Backup is simple to set-up, allowing you to create and assign bespoke backup and data retention policies to your Organizational Units and dynamic CloudM groups (Smart Teams), greatly reducing the time consumed maintaining individual policies.

Once an employee is added to a new policy, our secure and proven migration technology will kick into gear, quickly creating a backup of the user’s Drive and Gmail into Google Cloud Storage. After the initial backup, CloudM Backup will monitor your Google domain, incrementally backing up items whenever a change is detected.

Unlike our competitors, we do not store any of your data. Instead, we back up your data to a Google Storage Cloud bucket completely owned and controlled by you. This means: 

  • CloudM has zero access to your data, increasing your privacy.
  • You can use and move your data as you see fit – it’s not locked in to us or anyone else.
  • Google’s enterprise grade security protects your backed up data.
  • Retention policies can be added so that data is automatically purged ensuring that you stay compliant with data regulations.
  • You pay only for what you store, directly to Google – we don’t add a premium.

Backing up your data is only part one of the process. It’s great to have your data safe in storage, but should the worst happen you need a robust, reliable and quick restoration process. With CloudM Backup, you can easily and intuitively restore data on an individual, team or domain level. 

We also give you the ability to search through all of the data that you have backed up, filtered by each user for speed and convenience. Using this feature, you can view a historic log of all changes made to an item (such as viewing when an email was deleted and when permissions were added to Google Drive files). 

You can also download any version of an item that has been backed up, without the need to trigger a restoration, which is ideal when you only need access to a single item as part of a detailed investigation.

Don’t worry though – you have full control over which users are able to create policies, complete processes and view or download items in CloudM Backup with our role based access permissions. 

Now, back to the question we asked earlier:

With CloudM Backup, your entire business can get back to work in hours (Google have had longer downtimes), keeping the impact of data loss, regardless of the reason, to a minimum.

You can get on with running your organization, safe in the knowledge that CloudM is automatically keeping your data in storage so it is on hand, if and when you need it. CloudM has your back.

Comprehensive backup and recovery for Google Workspace

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