CloudM Manage 2.0 is here!

CloudM Manage has transformed the day-to-day work of millions of people around the world, making work life easier, faster and more efficient.


Product Update

CloudM Manage has transformed the day-to-day work of millions of people around the world, making work life easier, faster and more efficient.

So it’s with great excitement that we’re happy to announce an upgrade to our amazing platform, CloudM Manage 2.0!

What’s new?

That’s the great thing, it looks the same, but it does so much more.
All the existing, incredible features you know and love are still there; performing bulk, en masse migrations, the automatic onboarding and offboarding workflow, SaaS license management, Email Signature Management… but now we’ve turned it up to 11 with some additional features that will make managing your data more seamless than ever before.

Our new Archive feature will change how your company does business. Automated, safe, and secure CloudM Archive is the easiest solution to all of your data archiving needs.

Greater SaaS integration will allow you to slimline and automate even more of your workflow, saving time, money and man-hours.

Everything has been designed to make your life easier, with a simple to use interface that does the work for you!

CloudM Archive

It’s what everyone’s been asking for, so we went ahead and built it!

Built on the back of our industry-leading CloudM Migrate technology, our new CloudM Archive feature has the potential to save companies enormous amounts of money and time.

Compatible with both Google Workspace and Microsoft365, Archive allows you to store the data of leavers and movers, keeping it safe, secure and accessible at any time.

Archive allows you to comply with GDPR/HIPAA regulations without having to continue paying the license for a user no longer with the company. For any business with a high turnover rate, this one feature alone could save you thousands, perhaps even millions!

Everything from emails, drive documents and even personal chats is all kept in case it’s needed in the future.

Not only that, but it’s completely searchable. Restoring and retaining your company data has never been easier, with Archive allowing you to find the information you need in seconds, instead of trudging through years of user data.

CloudM Archive is a game-changer, with the potential to change the way an entire company conducts business!

CloudM Archive Screenshots

Greater SaaS integrations

The CloudM platform already allows SaaS integration on an impressive scale, but the 2.0 version takes things to another level.

Popular outbound programmes like Dropbox and Slack can all be brought under one roof, allowing your business to run like clockwork. CloudM Manage simply sends a request to the app to carry out a function, and that’s that.

If, for example, an employee leaves, usually you would have to go into Dropbox and remove their permissions, transfer data, or even delete their account.

With our offboarding process, all of that is taken care of automatically. And you don’t have to keep paying Dropbox for their license!

Inbound programmes are just as simple. One change to a user’s profile automatically changes everything across the board, from profile pics to email signatures.

Our platform gives you control over your workflow, streamlining processes, saving money, and unlocking the potential of your digital workplace.

Like we said, easier, faster and cheaper.

SaaS Integrations

Onwards and upwards!

Of course, all the great things that came with the CloudM Platform to begin with are still there.

The award-winning migrations, the automatic permission approvals and removals, and the automated email signatures all help make your business run like a well-oiled machine, saving you stress, time and money.

Onboarding and offboarding have always been a feature of the platform, but because we recognise that many people work exclusively from the cloud now, the latest version of Manage even lets you offboard from any Chrome device!

This version of the CloudM platform is just the latest version of our innovative digital solutions.

We are constantly striving for new heights, designing, building and testing new platforms and software to keep our clients on the cutting edge of the latest technologies.

CloudM's cloud management tool frees up your IT team, automates repetitive administration tasks and retains user data without ever compromising on security.

If you would like to know how our award-winning platform can help you and your business, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

One of our friendly and expert team members will be happy to have a chat with you to discuss your unique situation and how we can help.

You can find more information about what's included in our launch here including two fantastic ebooks all around Archive and SaaS Integrations

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