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As part of the CloudM 2.0 update, we’ve added a new feature called Inspect Permissions
This new feature will make it even easier to keep track of who has access to what within your company - a simple way to keep tabs on sensitive material.

Making life easier

Our award-winning SaaS data management platform already allows you to automatically delegate roles and permissions, giving users the tools they need to get on with the job without having to wait for the IT department to set things up.Now, on top of that, our new permissions explorer gives you a quick, accurate overview of users’ permissions, allowing you to see exactly what they have access to, where those permissions came from, and to which other roles they have authority.A simple table for each user means you can choose from hundreds or even thousands of employees and inspect their permissions, all within seconds.IT admins will no longer have to trudge through logs to check who is assigned what, our new feature gives a quick and accurate overview without the need to flip back and forth between applications.

How it can be useful

Let’s just say an employee moves from your marketing team to your sales team.

While in marketing, they had access to Email Signature Management, something which the sales team does not have. Using permissions explorer, it’s a simple task to see where those permissions originated and the scope of permissions your employee has, making it easier to then go in and update their settings.

The same is true for a user who doesn’t have the proper permissions. A quick look at their list shows why exactly they don’t have access and to which group they need to be added to make it happen.

For large organizations with deep and complicated levels of permissions and hierarchy, this new feature is invaluable as a time-saving tool.

Just one part of our 2.0 upgrade

CloudM Manage has already helped thousands of users around the world cut costs, save time, and run more efficiently than ever before. And as our new permissions explorer feature shows, the 2.0 version will take things even further.The biggest upgrade is CloudM Archive, a game-changing feature that allows you to store the data of leavers, keeping it safe, secure and accessible at any time.Archive lets you store everything from emails, drive documents and even personal chats, even including a search function, that allows you to find whatever it is you need in seconds rather than spending hours trawling through years of old emails and documents.

Everything you need in one platform

CloudM Manage already allows SaaS integrations on an impressive scale, but the latest version really brings it to another level.Popular SaaS applications like Box, Dropbox, and Slack, are all now incorporated into the platform, allowing you to create/delete user accounts, offboard employees, and generally run everything from one screen.Additionally, you can connect to Bamboo HR, allowing your HR team to make changes that will automatically be synced to user profiles in CloudM Manage, updating profile data and triggering offboarding workflows when employees are suspended.Having it all under one roof simply makes things easier for everyone, reducing time spent on admin, lessening stress for new employees, and saving overheads for the company.The CloudM platform is used in over 100 countries around the world by some of the most recognisable brands today, including Netflix, Uber, and Spotify.The award-winning design of our software means it can be used by any sized business, large of small, adapted to you and your specific needs.If you would like to know more about how our SaaS software can help your business thrive, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today.One of our friendly and knowledgeable sales team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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