Liam Dow, Senior Architect

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Meet the team behind CloudM in our new series; Great Minds Make Great Tech

We’re back for a third time with our series Great Minds Make Great Tech, chatting with the people who make CloudM what it is. Across the company, we work with some incredible minds who push us to be more ambitious than ever before. For this edition, we sat down with Liam Dow (Senior Architect) and hear how he helps our sellers and our customers.

Meet Liam

I'm Liam Dow. I'm a senior architect at CloudM. My job is to solve our customer’s problems with Google Workspace using CloudM technology.

“Everything is moving towards technology. It's a good industry to work in because you're, in my view, working in an industry that's only going to grow for the next few centuries.”

That's what I enjoy. Having a problem and then trying to find out a solution for that problem.

I guess I've always been very much a techie, very much obsessed with IT and computing, but interestingly, I didn't go to university to study. I had a friend working at a tech company that said, you know tons about computers, you should apply for a job. I applied for a role, and they gave me a tech test because I didn't have the credentials, which involved challenges to complete. I got the job. Since then, I’ve worked in tech.

I saw this role at CloudM and thought it would be a great fit for me because it brought me back to what I was doing in the early days where I was talking to customers, understanding their problems, and then using the CloudM arsenal of solutions to solve problems.

I’m a techie through and through.

An unrelated skill I bring is the ability to solve people's problems. I enjoy that. I like having a challenge and I feel smug when I can solve it. My hobbies are all centered around tech. In my own time, I'll have side projects and different parts of technology that I'm interested in. For instance, I’m really interested in the actual technology behind cryptocurrency. I'm actively contributing to projects and taking part in online communities surrounding the topic.

Life at CloudM

When I look back at what I've achieved since joining in February, I've helped win some nice deals, but I know there’s a lot more on the horizon. Being able to influence or contribute to product development and the direction of what our product will be is something I enjoy.

My favorite part of my working week is when I speak with the other architects and technical people in the business and share what we've learned over the last week. Whether that’s problems we faced or maybe a bug one of us has found. We share that information together as a group. It's nice to talk to other people that are in a similar role to myself to see what challenges they've had in comparison to me.

The most rewarding part is when they've come to you and they said, these are our issues. I can come back and say, this is how we should solve it. Seeing that then brought to fruition and resolving real issues the customer may have experienced feels incredibly rewarding because you just know it's a job well done. We've solved the customer's problems, we've made some revenue, and happy faces all around kind of things.

CloudM are what they promise.

CloudM is a great place to work. It’s 100% unique. Every company likes to sell itself as a start-up with flexibility and endless benefits, but CloudM is what they promise. It is a truly welcoming, dynamic, and friendly place to work, where you are respected as an individual. It’s a place for someone who needs somewhere to grow their career, skills, and abilities.

The ability to influence is regardless of your role, if you have a good idea and propose it to a team or to an individual, your suggestions, thoughts, and feedback are heard. Having the ability to make meaningful change or impact is really unique.

There is very little hierarchy. You’re not afraid to approach people who are more senior. You can talk to anyone. You can ping a message to any single person in the company and have a conversation with them. There are no ivory towers. There are no barriers. You can speak to anyone and be listened to.

Continue innovation and crack on.

My favorite company pillar is crack on. Don't sit on your hands. If you don't know what direction to go, speak to someone that's cracking on. Continue innovation, that continual iterative process of refining and improving. Crack on is the pillar that resonates most with myself.

“There's always a silver lining. Whenever there is something negative occurs, I know there is always a silver lining I can look for. It might be a learning lesson or a new experience. That's the advice I tell myself if things aren’t working out how I hoped. You can always find a silver lining.”

If you’re interested in cracking on at CloudM, head over to our careers site

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