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Product Update

The powerful new feature from CloudM

Our world-leading migration tool just got even better, with the introduction of its new powerful feature; the Migration Readiness Test.

Users can now analyze and perform analysis on their configuration to ensure an efficient and successful migration.

Migration Readiness Test is the last step in the migration process which allows users to analyze configuration before migration. The powerful feature flags up any risky settings in place or potential limitations, allowing users to resolve any issues before beginning their configuration. It also perfectly complements our existing Environment Scan feature so that you can start your migration safe in the knowledge that every aspect of your configuration has been checked beforehand.

The main purpose of the tests is to detect when the user has changed their settings from the defaults and to make suggestions on potential issues that these settings could cause. It will also scan the source and destination platforms to ensure that the connections work properly. It also flags up any potential limitations, again allowing users to resolve any issues before their migration begins.

With both of these features, users can ensure their migration will run seamlessly and securely. Our Technical Product Specialist and migration guru, Mike Keighery, explains how the extension of this new feature will save time and help you pre-plan your migration project and configuration:

“At CloudM, we understand that migrations vary from just a handful of data to a tremendous volume, and ensuring your configuration goes well can also be tricky as the information and data can be hard to find.”

“Our engineers have really been looking forward to this new feature. It’s really taken our product and service to the next level. With just a click of a button, CloudM can now grab all of the information it needs, allowing you to estimate, not only the length of time, but also the accuracy of your configuration of the migration.”

“We’re passionate about innovation and ensuring that our technology operates at the cutting edge of current capabilities. We’re looking forward to continuing to develop new ways to enhance the CloudM offering across our platforms in the future.”

CloudM is the only tool to offer a pre-migration scan for data and mail, as well as a scan for their configuration. It not only promises to save users time and money but most importantly ensures users have confidence at every step of their migration experience.

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