Meet Joe, our Senior Software Developer .NET

We have a vacancy for a Senior Software Engineer to help us improve and grow our range of products. We develop several major products including the CloudM Migrate and CloudM Manage products.

Want to know if you're the right fit? Meet Joe, one of our developers who can give you an insight into what the role entails, and what it's like to work here at CloudM!

Who I am

What's your background?
I studied computer games programming at University, but I have been working as a web developer for 10 years.

When and why did you join CTS/CloudM ?

I joined CloudM in December 2019, I left my previous development role to find somewhere I could continue to learn about cloud computing. CloudM was the perfect fit that has given me opportunities to continue learning and improving my skills.

Tell me about your role? What does a typical day look like?

I work on development tickets passed down from our product team. We are focused on improving and maintaining the Migrate software. My typical day is working on development tickets, and catching up with the team in our daily standup. I also keep in close contact with our support team and help resolve any customer issues that need developer input.

What do you do / What do you work on/Tech Stack?

The Migrate software is written mostly in C# .NET, although we are migrating the code to dotnet core.
We have both WPF and AngularJS frontends, and we use a range of technologies to achieve our needs. We also host our software in the Google Cloud platform.

The way we work and the people

What are the people and your team like?

The migrate team is extremely experienced and offers lots of support. We are all working remotely and have been since before 2020 so we are well accustomed to being apart. The team is very easy to work with, everyone is at hand to help me when I need it.

How do the teams decide what direction they want to take?

The product direction is usually decided by the product team, but developer input is always considered. For technical direction, we are usually allowed to make our own decisions as individuals when approaching a task. For larger tasks, we will usually meet as a team to agree on a direction before we begin.

Team meetings? Expected Outcomes? What is the problem you're solving?

We try to avoid team meetings so that we can focus on our development tasks. When we do meet it is to plan or to reflect on past work and discuss how we can improve.

Agile? Standups? What's the environment like?

We currently work in two-week sprints. We meet before each sprint to select tasks from our backlog and story point them to fit into the next sprint. We also meet for a retrospective following a sprint to discuss how we can improve. As with any team, our agile process is constantly evolving to meet our needs.

Interested? Read more about the role here

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