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2021 has certainly been one for the history books. A rover landed on mars, historians found a cave painting estimated to be 43,000 years old, and litter on UK beaches hits 20 year all time low. Though we’ve all experienced another 365 of the world dishing up unexpected twists and turns, CloudM hasn’t sat idly by and watched.

As we say hello to 2022, let’s think back on a brilliant 2021.

I’ve been very conscious about maintaining a company culture where our staff can really thrive this year, especially with all the exciting developments we had in store. I take a lot of pride in how, at CloudM, we look after our own. When we’re not putting our heads together and working hard, we’re kicking back together and having fun, building a good rapport with each other. This year, we’ve developed that harmonious rapport within 51 different yoga sessions, 51 friday footy matches and 3 work parties/kick offs. Of course, we all grieved together when our Christmas party was sadly cancelled!

Touching more on the company and how it’s grown over 2021, we’ve expanded our borders more than ever before and touched new corners of the globe. We’ve worked across an impressive 107 countries! But not only have our international team expanded but our clients are more global than ever. Moving toward the subject of expanding digitally, we are delighted that after much hard work from our brilliant staff, we now integrate with your core SaaS applications: BambooHR, BOX, Okta, Dropbox, and Slack.

We’ve seen an exponential amount of growth across different sectors too. From education, to entertainment and beyond, we’ve worked across a myriad of different sectors to help all sorts of organisations thrive in the digital workplace. We hit over 66 million migrations and now help to manage over 800,000 users.

On the subject of customers, In 2021, we had the amazing privilege of working with some big household names. From Celestica, Euralis, Moonpig and beyond, we are so grateful our line of work allows us to support and work with such innovative, forward-thinking and boundary-pushing brands and businesses. I also wanted to highlight some of the brilliant feedback we’ve had from our customers this year.

What our customers say

“The CloudM team are communicative and supportive. We feel listened to and valued. Our feedback has helped develop the software.” - Dan Morley, Head of I.T Infrastructure and Service Delivery at Village Hotels.

Having CloudM allows us to push signatures to everyone and have a nice, professional, clean look across the board.”- Joe Phillips, North American IT Manager at MMGY Global.

“For a larger migration, I would definitely push for CloudM. I would be calling you. I’m not blowing smoke. You guys are fantastic from beginning to end.” - Emmett Trythall, Systems Engineer at BHHS Fox & Roach

“I would recommend CloudM for many reasons. Their project management skills, it’s a good, easy-to-understand tool, and they created good visibility. I think everything was wrapped up in those three points.” - Adeel Sarwar, Director BIT at Zameen.

It’s always a huge pleasure to hear we’ve been able to help an organisation with their various projects. Whether the customers have been with us for a while or they’ve just joined our esteemed pool of customers, nothing is more rewarding than knowing we’ve done a great job of providing a first class service for our people.

One of our social pillars is to try new things. This year, we launched our very own podcast. Cloud Thinking has featured some amazing guests from Yannick Rault (CEO of SheetGO) to Kelly Wright (Director of Google Workspace at SADA). In the digital age, it’s becoming so crucial to have conversations and listen to one another, and that’s where Cloud Thinking excelled. We had an amazing time speaking with our guests, learning about their journeys in tech, and listening to their thoughts on the future of all things digital.

This year, we also had a cause for celebration. In the last quarter, we released a new update for the CloudM platform which included an industry-first feature called Archive. We are monumentally proud of the man-hours and thought-power that went into developing this key feature. We know this exciting new development will save a lot of headaches and make a huge difference out there in digital offices across the globe.

Despite 2021’s peaks and troughs, our year at CloudM has been fantastic. We’ve problem solved, persevered, innovated and put our heads together to achieve a great deal. We can all proudly close this chapter and look forward to the next one with our heads held high, eager for the next challenge that comes our way.

On behalf of everyone here at CloudM, I wish you a happy holiday season and we’ll catch you in 2022!

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