7 Exciting Tech Companies in the North of England

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Turns out, it's not so grim up North!

A huge part of the North of England’s heritage is industry and innovation. It is in our DNA to push boundaries and persevere. Throughout our history, we have excelled at bringing forward our greatest minds and skills to build even greater advances.

The 21st century has brought with it some exciting innovations. The age of technology and the industry that came on its back has firmly rooted itself in major regions all around the world, asserting Tech as one of the most lucrative business ventures.

Outside of Silicon Valley, our region, the North of England, is fighting for its place to be seen and heard. As technology leads the way to an even brighter future, the North flourishes with talent, bold ideas and even more possibility for greatness. Here is a list of really exciting tech companies based in the North and why you should keep an eye on them. In no particular order…

Reason Digital (Manchester)

“Together, we create lasting social good.”

Founded in 2007, Reason Digital is a tech company partnering with UK charities to put a drop of goodness into the world. They build best-in-class websites, apps, technical architecture and solution design to help charities and causes thrive and succeed in the exciting third-sector and beyond. They have worked on a myriad of important causes ranging across poverty, to inequality, and diseases. Operating from Manchester, this tech company has a noble pursuit and an even more profound impact on our society.


Proto (Gateshead)

“The future is already here.”

In a little corner of the North called Gateshead, Proto has made some pretty enormous waves. Being the first digital production facility of its kind in all of Europe, Proto has partnered with animators, filmmakers and game developers to facilitate creating powerful content. Housing local tech-driven SMEs, they help the north-east tech community thrive. They also have a world-class range of exciting digital facilities, including an immersive lab, motion capture/film & television studio and more, to help the north lead the way across technology and the digital creative industries.


LivingLens (Liverpool)

“From volumes of video research, to the moments that matter.”

Hailing from the vibrant city of Liverpool, LivingLens is a company that capture, analyse and share consumer insights from a single platform. In a world completely over-saturated by content (specifically video content), LivingLens have developed an exciting solution that automatically extracts insights to help their customers tell powerful brand stories that connect directly with their consumer. They are known for their work with bold, high-profile brands including Red Bull, Toyota, Samsung and more.


CTS (Manchester)

“Spark, enable & empower your organisation.”

Another fantastic company thriving at the heart of Manchester is CTS, Google’s largest dedicated partner in Europe. Helping businesses migrate seamlessly to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), they transform the efficiency of businesses internationally. They seek to empower a culture of sharing and collaboration so that teams can transform the way they work via Google Workspace.


Hedgehog Lab (Newcastle)

“Our people are passionate about solving problems with technology and always strive to be the hedgehog. These are the values that drive us.”

Founded in 2007, Hedgehog Lab is headquartered in one of the most northern cities in England, Newcastle, with additional offices sprinkled around the world. Working with high profile global brands and enterprises, they consult and solve problems involving digital products on mobile, web and other connected platforms. Their award-winning team work across iOS, Android, web, immersive and voice, bringing their extensive design and engineering experience to help organisations transform their businesses.


Street Group (Manchester)

“Moving real estate into the digital age by pairing the UK’s leading estate agency talent with tomorrow’s technology.”

In a survey conducted by CompareMyMove, six in ten people voted moving home as their most stressful life event. That’s where the award-winning company, Street Group, comes in. Their mission goal is to elevate how agents and their clients manage the stressful process of moving home. From their base in Manchester, they promote their people, talent and innovation in developing their technology and they continue their mission to transform the Property Industry by helping estate agents get the best and most efficient technology solutions.


CloudM (Manchester)

“One platform to get the most out of Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and other SaaS”

Of course, we had to humbly back our own horse! Manchester is a thriving city filled with exciting pursuits and possibility. CloudM is leading the way with their SaaS platform, which facilitates digital workplace management and migration. CloudM is known for its work with small, medium and large international organisations (including these exciting household names: Lucasfilm, Netflix, Spotify, Uber and more!) The award-winning company recently released an industry-first feature called Archive, which will shape the future of data retention for businesses all around the world.

Join us as we march into the future

Those are just seven of the many thriving companies who are changing the world from the Northern region of England. Alongside these brilliant names, we are proud to be making a difference and making life easier for businesses, third-sector charities and the public every day.

From this list of innovators, philanthropists and creatives, what we know about the North is this: even if we stumble, we will never be kept down.

CloudM are proud to be from the North of England, surrounded by other innovative tech companies. We have recently hit over 1 Million users of our Platform, and with constant updates, improvements and new features to our software, we're heading into the future full of confidence and momentum!

If you would like to know more about us or how our SaaS Management Platform can help your business, then please don't hesitate to contact us today and speak to one of our friendly representatives.

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