Utilize Office 365: 5 Top Tips to Drive Adoption

Office 365 is a rapidly growing platform for enabling collaboration and provides a great amount of value to individual employees, teams, departments and organizations. Much of its value is only realized as more users understand, adopt and embrace the technology implemented.

So how can organizations drive faster, sustainable and effective adoption? Our experts share their tips on how to maximize Office 365 adoption.

1. Set a vision

Critical success factors impacting Office 365 adoption involve establishing a clear understanding of the business outcome. Additionally defining a clear understanding of who your users are and what’s in O365 for them amplifies your overall adoption rate.

If your employees understand how it's going to help them, they will be more motivated to use and understand it. Employees have different goals, pain points and ideas of what success looks like. If expectations and purpose match then the adoption is bound to happen.

2. Appoint Super Users to enhance O365 collaboration

Leadership is the key driver of relationship building, innovation and productivity. Appointing leaders, aka super users, and educating them on the benefits of Office 365 can help to exploit the full capabilities of O365 within your organization.

Identify O365 leaders and embrace the change to leverage the power of Office 365 suite. Having super users will support the deployment across teams and sites, helping their colleagues to understand and use the tools. The success of the deployment will then have a major impact on organizations, and will completely change the way your teams work and communicate with each other.

3. Awareness and training

Fostering awareness on Office 365 is another best way to drive adoption. It helps in creating exciting around the new technology.

Creating an awareness programs can motivate and inspire employees to utilise the tools and collaborate within the organisation. This helps drive innovation and new ways of working.

Build your awareness strategy with a mix of emails, collateral, and success stories to create excitement about new technology. Also providing access to video tutorials and articles can help employees learn tips and tricks.

4. Chatbots

AI-powered chatbots empowers employees to interact effectively – boosting adoption rate.

Office 365 chatbots have potential to instantly sync with your Office 365 apps. They have the capability to assist employees in extracting data and keeping them more engaged by performing the desired action on Office 365 tools with better ease.

They help in improving overall productivity by streamlining operations, ensuring seamless assistance boosting your Office 365 adoption.

5. Measure and share success

It’s important to involve your employees as much as possible in the project. If the people are involved, they will give you more feedback on how it could be a better tool, and there’s more chance of utilizing the new technology quickly.

Using the Office 365 Admin Console, measure user-level statistic reports and identify tools that are underutilized. Then kick off additional simple and engaging training, and leverage early adopters who are enthusiastic. This will allow you to educate your users about best practices and high-impact Office 365 solutions. Insights can help in measuring Office 365 performance furthermore making decisions about the next plan of action.

When teams have adopted well, make sure you then share within your company. Capturing and sharing stories about your Office 365 successes is one of the best ways to demonstrate business value and motivate your workforce.

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