CloudM Manage 2.0

The latest version of our award-winning cloud management platform makes life even easier for you, your employees and your clients.

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So What's New?

CloudM Manage has already helped thousands of users around the world run smoother, get more done and cut costs while they do it. Manage 2.0 will take things even further with more integration, seamless automation and a new archive function that has the potential to change how a company does business. Read our full official press release.

Primary Feature 1: CloudM Archive

CloudM Archive Keeps Your Data Safe, Secure and Accessible

The biggest change to our platform is the new Archive feature, which is built on the back of our industry-leading CloudM Migrate technology.

Compatible with both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, CloudM Archive allows you to store the data of leavers, keeping it safe, secure and accessible at any time.

A game-changer for many companies, Archive not only lets you store everything from emails, drive documents and even personal chats, it also includes a search function, allowing you to find whatever it is you need in seconds rather than spending hours trawling through years of old emails and documents.

We all have to comply with GDPR/HIPAA regulations, but who wants to continue paying for a license for someone no longer with the company? Archive allows you to retain that user’s data without the need for a license. For any business with a high turnover rate, this one feature alone could save you thousands.

Additionally, you can set data retention policies to automatically purge data in line with compliance, not only saving your IT team countless hours, but also helping you avoid those costly data protection fines.

Discover more about CloudM Archive and request a demo with our team.

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Accompanying Resources

A. Archive Ebook

We’ve all been there. Budget meetings where license costs are flagged (again...). Long and complicated processes for recovering old user data. GDPR checks, HIPAA regulations, and FOIs, which tie everybody up in knots. And whether they admit it or not, everybody knows that it shouldn’t be this hard. Introducing CloudM Archive.

B. Archive Webinar

Join Customer Success Manager Claire Smith and Inside Sales Manager Sam Winter as they discuss the current pain points of archiving user data and how CloudM acts as a solution to managing license costs whilst maintaining compliance.

Primary Feature 2: SaaS Integrations

Streamlined SaaS Integrations Using CloudM

The CloudM platform already allows SaaS integrations on an impressive scale, but the 2.0 version takes things to another level.

Popular outbound platforms like Dropbox, Slack and our latest connector, Box can all now be incorporated into the platform, allowing you to remove or suspend user accounts. If an employee leaves, their data can be migrated and managed automatically, removing their permissions or deleting their account - all with the click of a button.

Inbound SaaS programmes like Bamboo HR can also be integrated making onboarding easier, faster and less stressful for new employees. One change to a user’s profile automatically changes updates everything including company email signatures.

Learn more about CloudM SaaS integration and request a demo with our team.

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Accompanying Resources

A. SaaS Integrations Ebook

Gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all approach. Or off-the-shelf products that kind of do what you need… but not really.
Today’s office is one that relies on a diverse range of software and systems which, together, create the unique ecosystem that your business needs.

Slack for your comms, Bamboo for your HR, Okta for your security. But keeping up with them all, getting your staff to use them properly, and not losing track of license costs and renewal dates – new set of problems, right?

This eBook will teach you how to obtain all of the benefits of SaaS without the challenges.

Secondary Features

1. Handling permissions has just become a whole lot easier

Our new permissions explorer enables you to inspect permissions to work out what and where a user is inheriting their permissions so you can easily remove them from any groups they may no longer need access to. A simple way to keep tabs on sensitive material.

Discover more about CloudM's role based access features.

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2. Onboarding and offboarding updates

Onboarding and offboarding has always been easy thanks to CloudM Manage, but our new version adds a few more features you’re sure to love. Now our users have the ability to remotely wipe user accounts from Chrome devices as part of an offboarding workflow.

Read more about our onboarding and offboarding capabilities.

Onboarding Offboarding

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