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Are you ready for the increase in archive license fees?

Storing archived user data is an important procedure for businesses who retain data for compliance and audit purposes. For years, Microsoft users have used the Exchange Online Archive, and Google customers have used Vault Former Employee licenses to store archived user data, at little to no extra cost.

Unfortunately, Google have started charging for their formally free solution and archived licenses will cost tens of dollars per user per year, resulting in huge renewal bills, especially for enterprise sized businesses.

Avoid a huge renewal bill by using CloudM Migrate

In order to combat this change, and help businesses save potentially thousands of dollars in renewal fees, we’ve created a solution to help IT Admins take full control of their license costs, while still protecting their data.

Using CloudM Migrate, businesses can now migrate archived user data to Google Cloud Storage and Microsoft Azure Storage. Migrating to cloud storage acts as a more cost effective solution for storing data. Instead of tens of dollars per user, this price is dramatically decreased to pennies per user per year.

CloudM Migrate can transfer documents, mail, calendars, appointments, address books, groups, group members, contacts, tasks and notes to cloud storage. The data is also migrated in the correct structure, ready to be restored whenever needed.

Restoring data using CloudM Migrate

As well as the obvious cost savings by using CloudM Migrate to migrate archived licenses, another benefit of keeping data in cloud storage instead of transferring to another live account is that it reduces the risk of losing any auditable data, and prevents you from prematurely deleting any data that might be needed at a later date.

If any user data needs to be restored, CloudM provides a free restoration license with every migration license purchased. Therefore if files or emails are needed by another user, or for audit and compliance purposes, data can be migrated back in the correct structure to a live G Suite or Office 365 account.

Using CloudM Manage for long term savings

As well as instant cost saving using CloudM Migrate, CloudM can also help control license costs in the long term by deploying CloudM Manage to automate your deprovisioning process.

CloudM Manage allows IT Admins to configure custom workflows for joiners, movers and leavers. These workflows can be designed to automatically run an offboarding procedure for any deprovisioned users. Admins can then remove or reuse their regular G Suite or Office 365 license immediately, saving busy IT teams time as they no longer have to manually run the deprovisioning process, while also saving costs by avoiding a build up of old users.

What next?

Find out more about migrating your archived users to cloud storage using CloudM.

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