Cloud Thinking: Our 'byte' sized webinar series

Move to a cloud server and save millions. Literally.

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Why move to a cloud server?

Moving to a cloud server cuts costs dramatically, in some cases up to 90%. Physical servers, storage and data processing hardware, software, applications take time, expertise and money to maintain and update. A cloud server is also more secure, flexible and accessible from anywhere.

Move to a cloud server and save millions. Literally.

As we spend more and more time online, our new 'byte size' webinar series has been designed to deliver engaging, educational content in short 30-minute sessions so you can get the most from the event without compromising on time.

As the world begins to open up again, many businesses are embracing a new way of working; a perfect blend of working between the office and from home. But, when the pandemic hit many companies were not able to access their data whilst working from home which sparked new challenges for many organizations. IT Managers have been tasked with finding a more secure and efficient way of managing their company data without 24/7 surveillance of their local servers. Welcome to the Digital Workplace.

In this session we will show you:

1. A cost-effective reliable way of storing data (We see some companies saving over 90%!).

2. Remote software that works securely from anywhere, and updates automatically giving you your time back.

3. 24/7 server maintenance will no longer be required.

4. To secure your data in military-grade data center.

Session 3: Move to a cloud server and save millions. Literally.

Join our Inside Sales Manager, Sam Winter, and Partner Success Manager Michael Keighery for the webinar.

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