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The importance of role-based access in the Digital Workplace

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As we spend more and more time online, our new 'byte size' webinar series has been designed to deliver engaging, educational content in short 30-minute sessions so you can get the most from the event without compromising on time.

With the ever-increasing need for greater security in the Digital Workplace, it is paramount staff have access to the features and tasks important to their role, whilst limiting access to other features to secure your domain.

However, controlling this within your organization can often feel overwhelming. This is where we can help.

Session 1: The importance of role-based access in the Digital Workplace

The webinar will explain how you can:

  • Empower your people whilst keeping your data secure
  • Promote consistency and compliance across your entire domain
  • Use the CloudM platform to manage your users effectively; how to give and restrict permissions depending on their job role
  • Allow administrators to access multiple domains across your entire organization, empowering your IT and HR facilities to promote consistency without compromising on security

    Join our Account Manager Sam Winter, and Customer Success Manager Ryan Noakes for the live webinar. The session will also be available on-demand after the event.

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