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Integrate all of your SaaS applications

SaaS sprawl has become a major concern for IT teams.

Remote working was at an all-time high during the pandemic and it forced companies to embrace a more digital way of working. Marketing teams were using their budgets to embrace online collaboration tools like Slack to help better manage their projects, and HR teams were looking to tools like Bamboo HR so they could safely onboard new employees without having to step foot in the office.

The thing is, once you start using these tools, how do you go back? The answer is, you don’t. These platforms soon become embedded in the day-to-day. It’s simple, right? Sign up for a subscription and pay for it monthly. But, what happens to all this data?

Secure files and private documents are now being saved in multiple areas, and monthly costs begin to spiral out of control. It also means offboarding an employee can take twice as long as they have to revoke access in multiple places, all with its own manual process.

It’s clear IT teams have started to lose control of who is using what, and how much it’s actually costing the business, but this is where Integrations save the day.

But no need to panic, CloudM can talk to your other SaaS apps so that you don’t have to, giving control back to your IT team.

Simply add a step to your offboarding policy

Need to revoke access to an ex-employee’s Slack or Dropbox account?

Simply add a step to your existing offboarding policy and it’s done automatically. Want to update a colleague’s job title without needing to complete the process on multiple applications? Integrate with Bamboo HR to ensure you only need to update once, with any changes quickly and automatically synced to both CloudM AND Google Workspace. Plus, your IT team can delegate making updates like this to your HR team - without even needing to give them access to CloudM Manage or Google Workspace - safe in the knowledge that there is an accurate and consistent Golden Record in place. Oh, and did we mention that these updates will automatically be made to the user’s email signature? One less job to do! (Thanks to our Email Signature Management feature)

Integrations are another way our CloudM Platform helps automate as many processes as possible, and it combines seamlessly within our automation features, such as Smart Teams or Onboarding and Offboarding Workflows. Find out more about how they can save you even more time here.

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Recognize any of these?

Automatically delete or suspend user accounts, with the option to either remove from a user's device or transfer Dropbox files to another Dropbox account, all as part of an offboarding policy.

Make changes to a user's Bamboo HR profile, once, and see those changes automatically synced to both CloudM and your domain (Google Workspace or Microsoft 365). Trigger workflows within CloudM (including offboarding or email signature changes) without ever needing to leave your Bamboo HR platform.

Quickly and automatically deactivate a user's Slack account as part of an offboarding workflow.

Automate and manage your joiners, movers, and leavers with this powerful lifecycle management solution from Okta.

Encrypt sensitive emails before, during, and after migrating them to the cloud - ensuring no content leaves or reaches the cloud unprotected.

What are the benefits?

Integrating your SaaS applications into CloudM gives you a whole host of benefits

Save time: Automate your processes through onboarding/offboarding workflows, and smart teams for dynamic user groups and actions.

Save money: Integrate multiple apps and manage your licenses in one place to stay on top of costs.

Secure access: Offboarded users shouldn't have access to your SaaS applications so seamlessly and automatically revoke access as part of an offboarding policy.

Keep a golden record: Make changes within a range of core SaaS applications and the CloudM platform will simultaneously update your records across your Digital Workplace.

We’re always hard at work developing new integrations for our platform, but if there’s something specific you’d like to see added, have your say.

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