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Everything you need if you're considering migrating to the cloud

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Why should you be storing and managing your data in the cloud?

Hybrid working is the new normal. As we transition out of worldwide lockdowns, the cloud has well and truly embedded itself within our lives. Being able to open and edit documents from home, the office, or your favourite coffee shop, and even starting new jobs in remote locations, is no longer a perk but is becoming a minimum requirement if you want to stay competitive and attract the best talent.

But it’s not the same for all industries. Or countries for that matter. Some companies still aren't equipped for a disparate workforce. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of businesses that still rely on physical servers to store and manage their company data. Worst of all, old-fashioned on-premise solutions can actually cost over 50% more than a comparable cloud solution, so it's draining your budgets as well as restricting your talent pool.

Our new Ebook details the benefits of Cloud Servers, and even shows you how you can save millions (literally) by moving to the cloud.

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File Server Migrations : The Considerations Checklist

Getting to grips with your migration can feel like a mammoth task. But 90% of the important work takes place before the project starts. Prior preparation prevents poor performance and all that... So we've made a checklist for you, included in your download, so you can see what you need to consider when migrating a large amount of data. Best of all, it's in a handy spreadsheet so you can tick off your progress as you go.

If you can address every point before you start, you're on the home straight. That's why we have a 99.8% success rate.

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