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Whether you're in IT, Finance or HR, fully adopting the digital workplace can make your team more productive

We designed our platform to completely transform how your business works, and help you harness the power of automation across your digital workplace. You get more for your money and more productive people, by equipping them with shortcuts and solutions from the moment they start. And you get a more secure future, by having a single place to manage compliance and government of your data. No matter which department you’re in, CloudM will make your life easier.

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IT Leader

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Chief Data Officer

Human Resources

IT Leader, Manager, or Head of

You’re responsible for the overall day-to-day running of IT for your business. That includes data and security, hardware and software, network and servers, support systems, and more. There is a lot of scope for automation in your role, which will save you time and money in a complex mixed budget of licenses, services, and subscriptions. There’s also a lot of scope for human error in your department, which makes both security and support a challenge. The trouble is, you know there are solutions out there, but you don’t have the time or resource to invest.

Our CloudM platform was designed by IT professionals with these exact challenges, so trust us when we say ‘we know how you feel.’ As an IT Leader, this is what CloudM does for you:

  • Recover lost time, with smart automation of the tasks keeping your team in the trenches.
  • Empower your domain, with custom roles, groups, and permissions.
  • Maximise your potential, with effective insights, data, and analytics.
  • Maximise your budget, with lightning fast processes and seamless user management.
  • Secure your future, by retaining the freedom to switch vendors whilst maintaining a tight hold on your data.
  • Energise your people, by making them more productive and removing IT bottlenecks.

Chief Financial Officer

You hold ultimate responsibility for the financial actions of your business. Financial planning, risk management, investment strategies, vendor relationships, and corrective actions all fall under your remit. These are tasks which require analytical and creative thinking, to stay one step ahead of your competitors, so you can’t afford to waste time or energy on anything but the most important challenges. Neither can you afford for your team to be bogged down by manual processes.

The CloudM platform gives you instant visualization and ultimate control over your infrastructure, giving you early warning signs and allowing you to make moves based on data, not guesswork. As a Chief Finance Officer, this is what CloudM does for you:

  • Limit your outgoings, by using smart automation to keep avoidable costs (like licensing) as low as possible.
  • Maintain agility, by avoiding vendor lock-in so that you can realise cost savings and revenue opportunities when they arise.
  • Maximise value, by automating tasks which can be done by the platform.
  • Mitigate risks, by automating security, governance, and compliance.
  • Drive productivity, by monitoring your team’s activity and using data to implement strategies based on the numbers.

Chief Operating Officer

Everybody looks to you for your organization, operational strategy, and how this translates into everyday office life. You oversee operations and employee productivity, and ensure effective recruiting. It’s your responsibility to analyze internal operations to develop better productivity and improvement, as well as monitoring and tracking performance. You need to build strong relationships with customers, clients, and partners whilst also ensuring that your company meets its growth targets, this is where the productivity comes in key. But when your business isn’t running efficiently now, how do you find the time to make it?

As a Chief Operating Officer, this is how CloudM makes your life easier:

  • Stop wasting time and money, by implementing fast, smart IT administration.
  • Removes bottlenecks and inefficiency, by automating tasks and processes.
  • Increases revenue for projects, by reducing costs in licensing and vendor lock-in.
  • Empowers every department, by eliminating repetitive tasks and encouraging collaboration.
  • Protects your future, with powerful data security and freedom to switch vendors when it suits.

Chief Data Officer

When it comes to the digital workplace, everybody’s looking at you. You’re responsible for transformation, and you have to organise how every department feeds into this. You’re the point-of-contact for innovation, so you have to be agile and forward-thinking, but you’re also the go-to person for process and procedure, so you need to be analytical and thorough. It’s your goal to digitize your business and make it truly future-proof, but that’s not an easy thing to get buy-in (and budget) for.

As Chief Data Officer, CloudM makes your life easier by:

  • Future-proof your data, to get more from your people and systems
  • Streamlining costs, by eliminating vendor lock-in and wasted licenses
  • Securing your future, with powerful data protection features
  • Empowering your people, by eliminating frustrating manual tasks

HR Leader, Manager, or Head of

You’re a people-person, and it’s your job to manage human resources and everything that goes with it. That means juggling company benefits, recruitment, induction, training, wellbeing, and much more. A digital approach would really help you to give your people a seamless experience, and a positive one at that. It would also help drive collaboration between departments, and make sure all employees get a consistent service. The trouble is that people are always coming and going, and managing those transitions takes up all of your time. As well as change management projects, employee satisfaction programmes, and the 101 lines on your to-do list.

As a rapidly growing company ourselves, we know the difference that automation and smart management can make. As an HR Leader, this is what CloudM does for you:

  • Empowers new starters, by automating processes to give them everything they need from day one.
  • Professionalises your brand, by ensuring that all starters and movers have the right access, details, and credentials when dealing with customers.
  • Enables collaboration, by digitizing your organization and allowing departments to work seamlessly together.
  • Protects your people, by ensuring that everybody has the access they need (and don’t need) to files, folders, and drives.

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